Additional resources available

There are many presentations and animations available on this site designed to help you implement the Hearts and Minds toolkit. A selection can be accessed below, grouped according to the relevant brochure. 

Sample presentations are also available below, however these are cut down versions of full presentations (available to registered Hearts and Minds users) that can be used to facilitate workshops.  The full versions of these presentations are available to Hearts and Minds customers, and include extra slides, excercises and speaker notes.

If you have already purchased the Hearts and Minds toolkit and have registered, you can access the full versions of these resources here.  If you have not registered, you can do so for free here.  Please note, only Hearts and Minds customers can register.



Understanding Your Culture

SAFE: Safety appraisals for everyone

Making Change Last

Risk Assessment Matrix

Achieving Situation Awareness

Managing Rule Breaking

Improving Supervision

Working Safely

Driving for Excellence